Missing Something?

Is it just me, or does the general coverage of something like the forthcoming iPad3 (HD, 2S or whatever) event miss something vital?

Every recent Apple unveiling always covers 2 or 3 key things. A new hardware launch, some OS updates and some nice shiny new software!

Now… Most of the coverage will be distracted by the hardware, obviously! It’s the headline item and dead easy to report. But most PEOPLE will actually be effected by the software.

Software is the visible end result of the product design, hardware, engineering, programming and testing for most people. It’s basically what makes or breaks the device – and the great thing is that new software is usually the gift that keeps on giving!

The iPad 2 launch brought the wonderful GarageBand to all iPads (and eventually to the iPhone). My lowly iPad1 could start using GaragBand over a year after it launched. Suddeny the creative possibilities of my old device were limitless. I didn’t need an iPad2, just the new software. Sure it would be BETTER in an iPad2 – but I was so happy to use GaragBand on the iPad1 best place to buy generic levitra that i pretty much made up my mind to get an iPad3 on that day.

So, they didn’t get me to buy an iPad2 – but they do have repeat business from me in the future. Clever!

And that’s the secret. The millions of old iOS users are not discarded and forgotten about. They are treated to updates and new software that will make them come and buy a new Apple device when they need one. They aren’t strong armed (too much anyway!) in to getting a new device. Just kept on board and gently nudged towards new devices when they need them.

So I’m fascinated to see the new iPad – but I’m really looking forward to seeing what titbits of new software they bring with that new iPad – and the older devices too!


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