Stupid is as stupid does

Isn’t the tech media really, really stupid?

I mean… They are attempting to follow one of the most straightforward (if secretive) companies in the world – Apple. And yet they just continue to get it wrong again and again and again.

This is usually down to the “breaking news syndrome” that infects most news gathering organisations and tech blogs. You HAVE to have a new or developing story every single bleeding day (if not hour). There is no time to stop and have look at what’s going on, only ever time to shout something then shout something else. There. Done!

And it seems that they use their limited ignorance of Apple to attempt to paint broad brush strokes across an entire global multinational market. Companies like Samsung, Sony and other massive corporations (with divisions and structutres that would blow their tiny little minds) are all over-simplified to 90’s SNES Vs Megadrive levels of market analysis.

Just examine Apple for a moment. They may be BIG in terms of profits and market capitalisation, but they are both creatures of habit and really quite limited in the complexity of their generic levitra canada global operations (outside of retail, iTunes and generally marketing and selling their pretty things!)

They design stuff here, they get bits built here and here, they assemble here… and then ship. Easy!

Companies like Samsung have divisions developing and making millions of parts and screens and stuff for anyone willing to pay (including Apple). That division is run to develop technology and sell it to make money and not to solely benefit Samsung’s mobile device division. Now that may well change after some restructuring or a selling off of an arm or a leg – but just try to keep in mind the scale and complexity of someone like Samsung.

When journos lazily think that “folding screens” or some other tech developed by one division of Samsung will only be used in Samsung mobile phones – just stop and think before you join any old dots you can see. Come on, make an effort! (Still, all those stories to post and cover all day long, everyday… like an OCD robot paste board from hell. No wonder ‘thought’ has long since left the building)


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