More aTantalus Photos

Everybody loves taking photos (I think!) and aTantalus is no exception.  I’m trying to pop most of the good pics on

Most of the photos are landscape shots taken around our home in the Lake District, or on our many trips to the wild and wondrous far north west of Scotland. I’ve also popped a couple of links below to some examples of ‘photobooks’ to enjoy…


Current cameras are a couple of Panasonic Lumix models that are getting on a bit (for can i buy levitra without prescription digital!), but are frightfully reliable and generally a pleasure to use.


So, if you need:
Product Photography
A marketing image
or a lasting memory
…I can get just the shot you need!

Shoots can be set up for special occasions (or just to take a that perfect promo shot!)

Any of the selection of stock photography in our galleries is available to use (for business or pleasure!) Just contact GAS to find out more.