Nature Watch

At Dunnerholme Golf club we take an active part in nature conservation and in 2006 we were selected and entered for the BIGGA golf environment competition.

Recent projects the club have undertaken are:

  • Tree Plantation (members purchased a tree for £20)
  • Natterjack toad scrapes
  • Sand dune scrapes
  • Owl nest boxes
  • Gorse management
  • Natterjack breeding pond incorporated into the 18th tee with jetty, with information on the life of the toad.
  • Water storage tank and pump to take the agreed allowance of water from the passing streams before entering the sea.
  • In the club house we have a got a club nature board, this is updated regularly with English Nature articles and newspaper articles of rare species nature within our area.

    One of our members Ian Young also runs a bird count, any new breed seen by the members is updated on this site as well as the bird count on the course.