The Back Nine

10th hole          286 yards white  270 yards yellow          Par 4
This is a bell hole, please wait for the bell rung by players leaving the green
A blind tee shot, note the pin position when leaving the tee. There is a water hazard running in front of the tee and the clubhouse, the clubhouse complex is out of bounds, and the course perimeter fence on the left along the railway is also out of bounds as is the Greenkeepers compound.  The marker post on top of the hill is the line, and an accurate shot over the hill can run down onto the green. Grass bunkers and humps surround the green.

11th hole          314 yards  white  297 yards yellow         Par 4
The drive is played from a tee behind the tenth green and is an intimidating prospect. The out of bounds and stream (red hazard) are tight on the left and anything right over the hogs back can be in trouble. Lovely large inviting green.

12th hole          370 yards white  366 yards yellow      Par 4
The 12th tee was opened for the 2017 season. The new tee offers a totally different aspect to the 2nd. Sited on the far left of the fairway it makes the 12th a slight dogleg. The out of bounds is tight to the left. The righthand side of the fairway guarded by the beck. A whole new challenge.

13th hole          492 yards          Par 5
As you play the course for the second nine, the different tee positions make it an altogether different experience. As the 3rd this was a challenging Par 4, but from the 13th Tee it is a much more user friendly Par 5.

14th hole          143 yards white  139 yards yellow          Par 3 
The view of the green from the 14th tee is more open and all the problems are visible. A good straight shot is all that’s needed!

15th hole          405 yards white  401 yards yellow          Par 4
This is slightly longer than the fifth, with the tee moved back some 20 yards. The gorse is still the challenge on the left. As you leave the green on the second circuit, the 16th tee is 
on the far right of the green, missing out the 6th and 7th holes which are not included in the back nine.

16th hole          536 yards white  530 yards yellow          Par 5
A longer hole than the eighth, but the tee looks straight down to the wide open spaces of the fairway. Two good strikes to an inviting green.

17th hole          346 yards white  338 yards yellow          Par 4
An elevated tee on the perimeter fence, please check the fairway is clear before driving.  

18th hole          294 yards white   288 yards yellow        Par 4
The finishing hole. The tee is on the left of the path this time with a long carry over very rough terrain to the fairway.