The Front Nine

1st hole          299 yards white 293 yards yellow         Par 4
The drive is from an elevated tee along a hog’s back down the middle of the fairway. Great care must be taken to avoid the Caravan Park.OB. The fairway falls away on either side, with a beck running along the length of the hole to the left, the field is OB; Sloping fairways can leave you with an awkward second shot. Grass bunkers in the front of the green make it an intimidating opening hole if you’re not straight off the tee.

2nd hole          355 yards white 350 yards yellow          Par 4
A straight drive here leaves an easy second shot to the green. There is a water hazard 65 yards in front of the green to trap an untoward approach. A wayward tee shot to the right will leave you in heavy rough, the practise ground on the left is out of bounds. A long shot through the green is captured by a water hazard at the back right.

3rd hole          470 yards white  456 yards yellow          Par 4
This is probably one of the most difficult par 4 holes in Furness never mind on Dunnerholme. The fairway is lined by thick gorse all the way along the left side . The right hand side has difficult rough and deep rushes. At the green, a water hazard runs in front and close to the back left corner of the green, cutting across the fairway and rough.  Most golfers play short of the hazard for their second shot, relying on a pitch and putt. A par on this hole is a good reward.

4th hole          161 yards white  152 yards yellow          Par 4
The first par 3 requires an accurate tee shot, with gorse catching anything short. There is a small bunker on the left to trap any one hoping to take advantage of the slope. 

5th hole          381 yards white  378 yards yellow         Par 4
Another tough challenge, as gorse runs the full length of this hole on the left with uneven ground and grassy hollows off the fairway on the right. The fairway is wide and inviting for 200 yards or so from the tee, where it narrows from the right. The green is a testing one as a road runs about 20 yards short of the green with dead ground in between, calling for a well hit accurate second shot to hold on a sloping green.

6th hole          151 yards white  120 yards yellow          Par 3
This is the club’s signature hole. The green is some 30 feet high from the tee. The tee shot is blind so players should take note of the pin position when leaving the 5th green. The cottage gardens are out of bounds on the right and balls may not be retrieved. A pulled shot takes you off the top on the left, down steep ground marked OB. The terrain is dangerous, and players are advised to leave their ball and play 3 off the tee. The club selection is dependent on the wind: on a calm day it could be a 9 iron or a wedge, but into the wind its a whole new experience.

7th hole         Low Tee 206 yards  Top Tee 262 yards         Par 4
A challenging short Par 4 rewarding the bold. This is a bell hole, please be aware of walkers on the footpath. 
From the low tee, it can be a risk and reward hole, where, if you are prepared to gamble you can make birdie, but a stray tee shot can result in bogies. The low tee is sheltered from the prevailing wind and this can be misleading. The green is open to the elements and surrounded by an out of bounds fence; the wall in front of the green is an integral part of the course and has ruined many a card.
The high tee on top of Dunnerholme Rock is only in play for certain competitions –  please refer to notice board for dates, at any other time the tee is closed and only the low tee used, the bell must be rung before every drive.   

 8th hole         525 yards white  520 yards yellow         Par 5
The tee for this hole is behind the wall that continues from the front of the 7th, it faces the fairway at a slight angle. The drive is into a wide fairway with little or no trouble on either side. The green is guarded by mounds on the left and right and a grass bunker front right.

A straightforward par 5 and a potential birdie on a calm day; but with a strong wind into your face it can make the hole play very long, and par will be a good score.

9th hole          358 yards white  333 yards yellow           Par 4
The drive at the 9th needs to be straight.  Anything left can be out of bounds or in rough and rushes whereas erring to the right finds marsh ground with more rushes and a water hazard.  The water hazard continues down the right and runs across the fairway at around 200 yards. The centre of the fairway usually allows a fair amount of run so good judgement is needed. The second shot is to a horseshoe green with a banked perimeter.