Hole In One Club

Any member who makes a “Hole in One” at Dunnerholme or on their golfing travels will be appointed to the Hole in One Club. To qualify for entry, all holes in one MUST be in a recognised competition, with confirmation from the Games Committee and relevant Club Secretary. This will run from April 2007.

John Harvey
14th Hole  Dunnerholme Golf Course 2007-04-15

Geoff Pearce
6th Hole Dunnerholme Golf Course 2007-08-19

Jeff Costa
6th Hole Dunnerholme Golf Course 2007-10-07

Chris Pearce
10th Hole Windermere Golf Club. Ladies Team Open 2013-09-29

Steve Braithwaite
4th Hole  Dunnerholme Golf Club Eley Trophy 2014-08-24

John Storey
Dunnerholme Golf Club T M Stitt Trophy 2014-09-14

Christine Burton
14th Hole Dunnerholme Golf Club. Panama Open 18-07-2015

Elizabeth Dixon
10th Hole Prince Bishop Course – Ramside Hall Breast Cancer Awareness Day 05-10-2015

Richard Walker
14th Hole Dunnerholme Golf Course, Dunnerholme Cup 08-05-2016

Jordan Raynor
14th Hole Dunnerholme Golf Course- Secretary’s Shield 15-05-2016

Lynda Preston
6th Hole Dunnerholme Golf Course – Middleton Trophy 20-09-2017

Ged Cush
15th Hole Barrow Golf Club – 18th September 2019