What is aTantalus?

I’m Ash Tyson, a designer from GAS Designs.co.uk, and this is little blog that sprinkles some light on the life of a designer.

I also hope to add some extra random thoughts on technology, graphics and photography (…plus a lot of other stuff that interests me!)


aTantalus? What’s that all about? 

It’s a long story from a long time ago  and I’m not sure I can actually fully remember the gory details. The domain was still available. So here we are…

Design & Web Design

I do everything from a quick logo or web banner to a finely wrought website or sales brochure . I’ve been known to offer a range of other services from marketing, editing and consulting to photography and music.

Alongside the graphic and web design buy levitra vardenafil side of things, I can also help with the organisation of small & large print runs; signs and livery; product design and 3D visualisation; point of sale; marketing; exhibition and Show design. 


I also spend a lot of time messing about with images of some sort, and I’ve built up quite a collection of landscape and abstract images that I can use on any new projects. I take a lot photos of the Highlands of Scotland and the English Lake District.