An iPhone cometh…

…and so I’ve finally sucumbed to the 32gb tech temptation from 1 Infinite Loop (plus a reasonable Vodafone upgrade offer)

3 months of baby steps with the iPod touch meant that using the iPhone was pretty much second nature – and all the purchased apps have transfered like a dream without hassle or extra payment. (or begging software firms to change a handset activation code to a new IMEI number because you’ve upgraded – NOKIA!)

And yes it sounds a bit like an ad – but everything did actually work with so much best place to buy generic levitra online less hassle when compared to previous smartphone nightmares. I shudder to think at the wasted time spent setting up my Symbian N96; the pain wrestling a Windows Mobile 6 phone in to some sort of shape; or the sheer geek-tastic lunacy of trying to customise the Nokia N800. Damn you Apple! (Next stop iPad? Noooo – must resist total immersion to the Apple-side)

Just tested the phone with Memory-Map app, OS 25k map collection, GPS and a 4 hour walk… and all worked like a dream!


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