The SMiLE you send out…

Well, I just had to say something about the SMiLE box set! First, it pretty much goes without saying that it’s fantastic, utterly beguiling and presented in as good a sound quality as we could ever possibly expect… and now I’ve now spent a few magnificent hours listening, it’s just amazing how ‘otherworldly’ it still sounds.

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The new site…

Big changes are a-foot for aTantalus and GAS Designs! In an effort to modernize and bring together several different sites for ‘the day job’, I’m making the starting point for all the different design services that I’ve provided over the years…

…and we’ve set up GAS Designs as the actual design studio.

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It was very nice to see four whole planets at once last night… Saturn, Mars, Venus and an elusive twinkling Mercury – startastic! Ashamed to say that I resorted to another iPhone app called ‘Planets’ that used the compass to make sure I was saying what I was seeing correctly!

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Website Updates

I’ve finally got round to updating the atantalus site, and have added a new blog for me (a shiny WordPress 2.9.something one, after I lost the details of the old MoveableType one) and one for Gemma (which is absolutely nothing … Continue reading