Yesterday Once More?

Hmmm. A couple of weird things about that “rock” collection of Beatles songs “Tomorrow Never Knows”.

1 Revolution The Beatles
2 Paperback Writer The Beatles
3 And Your Bird Can Sing The Beatles
4 Helter Skelter The Beatles
5 Savoy Truffle The Beatles
6 I’m Down The Beatles
7 I’ve Got a Feeling (Naked Version) The Beatles
8 Back In the U.S.S.R. The Beatles
9 You Can’t Do That The Beatles
10 It’s All Too Much The Beatles
11 She Said She Said The Beatles
12 Hey Bulldog The Beatles
13 Tomorrow Never Knows The Beatles
14 The End (Anthology 3 Version) The Beatles



The product page contains a bizarre, inaccurate and just plain BAD set of sub-radio-sports-reporter liner notes. Not good.


I’m amazed that this collection has not been really, REALLY slammed in the comments and reviews. A Beatles compilation like this in the 70s/80s/90s would be just MASSACRED by fans (with justified shouts of “cash-in” or worse…)

And third…

What’s missing and what’s the point?

This is ostensibly a collection that tries to make the Beatles look as cool as possible (in an not-ironic-ironic R*O*C*K kind of way) to a peculiar section of modern music fans. Look at the selection of artists that say how great the Beatles are…

First up is David Grohl (OK, fine and genuinely nice).

Then it gets a bit bonkers.

The Killers (hmmm), Arcade Fire (okay…), Band Of Heroes generic levitra with dapoxetine (Why?), Linkin Park (Oh my God), Maroon 5 (Jesus F*** My Eye Christ)

So who made this selection? What is it for? Why would you try to produce such a narrow collection of songs that attempt to paint the world’s greatest pop band as a mere one dimensional group of lad-rockers?

And why, when you’ve made a selection that tries to appeal to those rocking-punky-indie-fans, would you leave off Rain, Everybody’s Got Something To Hide, Come Together and (that rockiest of cheesy rockin’ rock that is) the Sgt Peppers Reprise?

Yes, I know we’re ALL going to choose different rock-tastic Beatles songs here, but if the idea is to appeal to a cross section of quirky indie-rock tastes with a “value” collection then why not just have a “randomly pick 14 tracks of that Beatles shit” button and be done with it.

Better yet, use the iTunes Genius selection system to mirror your own peculiar musical tastes in 14 tracks of great value Beatle goodness. Now that would be interesting (but difficult to sell and explain to the record companies!)

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