Another email to David Robey

Still confident you made the right decision?

Of course it’s better to ditch a cheap team who aren’t on contracts than to look at places where BBC radio could save big money. Of course.

Listeners think you’re an incompetent cloth-eared fool. But that’s OK! You didn’t need to do any tricky HR procedures, just say “contract’s over”. Nobody needs heart and soul stories of London and true life (I hope Gilda From Limehouse haunts you from beyond the grave). You’ve combined some cost centres.

Doesn’t matter about the backlash, does it? Doesn’t matter what people think. All of us from Stephen Fry to the bloke who commentates on bobsleigh and touring cars for Eurosport think you’re a damned fool, but that’s OK! You can be confident you made the right decision and sleep the sleep of the just. Can’t you?

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