Another email to David Robey

Still confident you made the right decision? Of course it’s better to ditch a cheap team who aren’t on contracts than to look at places where BBC radio could save big money. Of course. Listeners think you’re an incompetent cloth-eared … Continue reading

An email to David Robey

Dear Mr Robey, The Danny Baker show is the best show on radio. Yet you are axing it. As a listener, I find this unacceptable. Please reverse your bizarre and perverse decision. Yours with deep disappointment, Gemma Hallam … Continue reading

Top Ten Gingers

Top Ten Gingers: featuring red-headed old lady fashionistas, orange cats and SPORT, SPORT, SPORT. The top three in this festival of the flame-haired are all rally-related. What a tremendous shock. 10. Paul Collingwood. Now who doesn’t love Colly? As I … Continue reading

The best Brian ever

My favourite Brian ever, ever, EVER, is Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson has written and arranged music of sublime beauty. He is a genius. It’s an overused word, but I don’t misuse it here. If you don’t understand or appreciate the … Continue reading

Top ten Brians part 2

5. Brian Johnston, “Johnners”, cricket commentating legend. Co-creator of one of the funniest moments in all sporting commentary. 4. BRIAN BLESSED. When I worked in a college bar which was not equipped with a bell to ring for last orders, … Continue reading

Top ten Brians part 1

10. Brian the Snail from TV’s The Magic Roundabout. Annoying, people say. But the right kind of annoying. The endearing kind of annoying. 9.¬†Brian from “Monty Pythons Life Of Brian”. He isn’t the Messiah. And neither are you, just in … Continue reading

Market segmentation and gender: a tale of fail

We’re market segmenting ourselves to destruction but if you don’t have much imagination, or can’t be bothered faffing about with any database themed bullshittery, what might you do?

Continue reading

An Encutment Of Hair: male rock stars go long to short

Long hair on a man. Yeah, we know all about that. Let’s revise what we know in a brief burst of self-indulgence. Back in the 1960s, when long started at the lugholes, it was all about rebellion: a conscious decision … Continue reading