Top Ten Gingers

Top Ten Gingers: featuring red-headed old lady fashionistas, orange cats and SPORT, SPORT, SPORT. The top three in this festival of the flame-haired are all rally-related. What a tremendous shock. 10. Paul Collingwood. Now who doesn’t love Colly? As I … Continue reading

The best Brian ever

My favourite Brian ever, ever, EVER, is Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson has written and arranged music of sublime beauty. He is a genius. It’s an overused word, but I don’t misuse it here. If you don’t understand or appreciate the … Continue reading

Top ten Brians part 2

5. Brian Johnston, “Johnners”, cricket commentating legend. Co-creator of one of the funniest moments in all sporting commentary. 4. BRIAN BLESSED. When I worked in a college bar which was not equipped with a bell to ring for last orders, … Continue reading

Top ten Brians part 1

10. Brian the Snail from TV’s The Magic Roundabout. Annoying, people say. But the right kind of annoying. The endearing kind of annoying. 9.¬†Brian from “Monty Pythons Life Of Brian”. He isn’t the Messiah. And neither are you, just in … Continue reading