Judging an app by its icon

I'm using this blogging app for the iPad, called Blogsy. It's functionally pretty damn good. Works with all kinds of blogging platforms, your WordPress, your Blogger, your SquareSpace, your Moveable Type, et cetera. Gives you a nice WYSIWYG posting area with a nice clean top menu bar for formatting.

But look at this app icon. It's a hipster typewriter. “Ooh, look at me, typing on my old fashioned typewriter. I like things from the olden days because they're so cool, look at my moustachio wax…”

Blogsy app icon of an old fashioned typewriter

And look at what's written on the keys. “Live Long And Prosper” – cos the geeky hipster boys and girls, they love Star Trek, right? Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not ragging on Star Trek. I like Star Trek. And I do kinda think the text on the keyboard and the eenie-weenie “Get back to work, you're wasting time” on the aged-effect paper in the typewriter is kinda cute. Kinda cute.

I'm just making a slight, slight face at the cutesy vintage typewriter (the hipsters LOVE it!) and the LLAP complete with a pipe and two slashes to make a Vulcan hand thing shape (the geeks LOVE it!) cos this is for YOUR style tribe, boys and girls!

If, by chance, you aren't a twee fauxthentic fetishiser of all that's “vintage”, nor a nouveau geek, if you do not currently live nor aspire to live in Portland, Austin, Williamsburg, Shoreditch or other hauts-lieux de l'hipster, if the cutesy-woo name “Blogsy” does not attract you much in the first place; you can still get the app because it is in fact Any Good.


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