Posh hedgehog restaurant menu

To begin:

A single Vietnamese white woodlouse
poached in a delicately flavoured broth.

A plate of earthworm charcuterie

A piquant selection of South American ants

Finely shredded carrot, coriander and chervil, topped with an earwig

Main courses:

Roast water beetle with its own pond water reduction

Scrambled pheasant egg with shaved black and white truffle

Whole Hungarian millipede, served in a coil with paprika sauce

Scorpion prepared in the meerkat style

Live Cabbage White caterpillars on turnip and beet leaves

Baby mouse stuffed with a cashew nut paste

Moth larva en croute


Melon quartet with crispy ants

Bee in honey

Silverfish pudding

Sugared spiders with a flotation of webs

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