They just want our butter, the lazy Viking tarts.

I’m way late with this post, which is in fact little more than an excuse to share some jokes I made on Twitter.

First, I need to lay you out a little backstory. You may or may not be familiar with the story of Tom Martin, a student of Gender Studies at the LSE who undertook to sue the college for gender discrimination against him, as a man. Having had his case dismissed from court, Mr Martin set about continuing his campaign against feminism. Stunning hilarity ensued, as he responded by calling his critics whores, continued to refer to feminists as whores, and claimed that women owe men a bunch of stuff, including five years pension, some National Service and some inventions. In the comment thread, which rivals longcat for length, things got more hilarious. The ridiculousness metric hit “totes ridic” when he asserted that Saudi men are oppressed because in Saudi Arabia, two men must give up their seats for one woman…

“But when it is men being forced out of their seats, and by economically inactive Saudi whores – professional whore feminists just laugh it off or make BS excuses” – Tom Martin

… and then brazened it out, with a comment asserting that “Islamic states are whoriarchies”, whatever the hell a “whoriarchy” is, because a strict gender binary encourages women to stay at home.

“Secondly, Saudi Arabian women are the laziest whores in the world, with just 22% of them in even a part-time job” – Tom Martin

OK, so on the same day all this was a-going down, in the news and on t’ Twitter there was some discussion of Saudi Arabia possibly not sending women athletes to the London 2012 Olympics. Some folk wondered what Mr Martin would think of this, given his characterisation of Saudi women as lazy whores.

“Further to being warm-legged WHORES, the Scots owe the English a lot of whisky and some herring. And it’s not just you lot. What about the Norwegians! Up to their ears in herring, the whores. And who are Norway sending to the Olympics? Lazy herring-hogging whores with their Statoil. Instead of proper sport, the Norwegians drive rally cars and ski and get PAID for it. WHORES.

I’m getting  a little giddy. It’s only a matter of time before I tweet at a Norwegian rally driver, call him a whore and demand herring.

They just want our butter, the lazy viking tarts.” – me (@badhedgehog)

And so it was only by application of rare self-control that I did not approach Mr Petter Solberg, Mr Mads Ostberg, or Mr Eyvind Brynildsen, accuse them of living by prostitution and harangue them for herring.

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