Top ten Brians part 1

10. Brian the Snail from TV’s The Magic Roundabout. Annoying, people say. But the right kind of annoying. The endearing kind of annoying.

9. Brian from “Monty Pythons Life Of Brian”. He isn’t the Messiah. And neither are you, just in case you were suffering from that popular delusion. Brian is, however, a very naughty boy. I can’t help you out on that count.

8. Either Brian May or Brian Eno, depending on whether you like lots of hair, a home made guitar, and concern for the welfare of wild animals, including hedgehogs; or very little hair at all, synthesisers, Apple, tech wossnames and concern for matters environmental in a wider sense. Yes, I’m leaving you a choice. Deal with it. Some days you’ll choose May, others Eno.

7. Brian Clough, football genius. That’s all there is to be said.

6. Brian Johnson. The Geordie singer feller with the hat from AC/DC. Brian Johnson with AC/DC live in 2008, St Paul, MN, photo Matt Becker
His CV is very nearly as impressive as Bruce Dickinson’s: he is writing a musical based on the legend of Helen of Troy; he competed in the 2012 Rolex 24 at Daytona (endurance racing at the age of 64? HATS OFF TO YOU, SIR!); he set joint second fastest time in the Chevrolet Lacetti on Top Gear’s Star In a Reasonably Priced Car feature. A greater achievement yet has been his success in replacing the much-loved Bon Scott in AC/DC after Scott’s sudden death in 1980 – there is no expectation heavier than that which comes from stepping into the shoes of a dead hero. A canny aul’ gadgie, like.

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