Nokia, ai Jumala! (Nokia, oh God!)

At the end of the 2011 World Rally Championship season, the WRC had a global promoter: North One Sport. All seemed reasonably well – Nokia had been signed as title sponsor, and surely more sponsors would follow soon. Not so … Continue reading

They just want our butter, the lazy Viking tarts.

I’m way late with this post, which is in fact little more than an excuse to share some jokes I made on Twitter. First, I need to lay you out a little backstory. You may or may not be familiar … Continue reading

Market segmentation and gender: a tale of fail

We’re market segmenting ourselves to destruction but if you don’t have much imagination, or can’t be bothered faffing about with any database themed bullshittery, what might you do?

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Posh hedgehog restaurant menu

To begin: A single Vietnamese white woodlouse poached in a delicately flavoured broth. A plate of earthworm charcuterie A piquant selection of South American ants Finely shredded carrot, coriander and chervil, topped with an earwig Main courses: Roast water beetle … Continue reading

An Encutment Of Hair: male rock stars go long to short

Long hair on a man. Yeah, we know all about that. Let’s revise what we know in a brief burst of self-indulgence. Back in the 1960s, when long started at the lugholes, it was all about rebellion: a conscious decision … Continue reading